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Category: How To Start Your Small Business
Small Business Enterprise Last Update: 2009/5/15 13:54

Starting Your Business
Managing Your Business
Protecting Your Business
Protecting Yourself
Rescuing Your Business
Selling Your Business
Model Business Plans
Business Forms
Resources: Provides hundreds of federal state, and professional resources to help give you specialized assistance for all your small business needs.

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Category: Romance
Which Man Last Update: 2008/6/30 13:31
Two men: James and Wade. Which man does Sierra choose? Which man has the power, the magnetism, the passion to enthrall such a complex woman?

Book Description

Sierra Bradford and James Waverly have been best friends since High School. When James introduces Sierra to a friend from college, Wade Grisham, unforeseen things occur. Sierra responds to Wade in a way she has never responded to any man. Then James is unexpectedly called away to tend his sick brother, and things between Wade and Sierra escalate. Wade proposes marriage and Sierra accepts. When James returns and discovers the state of affairs, he feels betrayed and the men come to blows. Out of the blue, Wade breaks off his engagement to Sierra. James is there to comfort and shield her from any unwanted advances Wade might decide to venture. Just as Sierra begins to recover, Wade returns—at which time a series of strange events occur. Someone is murdered. Both Wade and James are a source of consolation for Sierra. Ultimately, she is forced to choose—which man.

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Category: Heritage Black Expressions®
GRACE AFTER MIDNIGHT Last Update: 2008/3/28 1:12

by Felicia “Snoop” Pearson

Fans of HBO’s award-winning crime drama The Wire will no doubt recognize Felicia Pearson as Snoop, the heartless drug dealer whose baby-faced appearance masks her murderous heart. But what The Wire watchers don’t know is that Snoop is the real deal—a character drawn almost entirely from Pearson’s own dramatic experiences on Baltimore’s meanest streets.

Born a three-pound crack baby and raised by two elderly foster parents, Pearson literally grew up amidst the worst conditions now plaguing urban America. A straight-A student in school, Snoop was equally as street savvy and was dealing dope when most kids her age were still asking their parents for an allowance. But when she killed another woman in self-defense, Pearson found herself serving time at Jessup State Penitentiary, a life-altering experience.

Discovered in a Baltimore nightclub by a Wire cast member, she was successfully recruited for the show—where her portrayal of “Snoop” has created one of television’s most chilling and unforgettable villains.

In Grace After Midnight, Snoop at last shares her extraordinary journey. It’s a testament to the power of God’s grace in all our lives.

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Category: Heritage Black Expressions®
WAKING WITH ENEMIES Last Update: 2008/3/28 1:04

by Eric Jerome Dickey

With ten New York Times bestselling novels to his credit, no one thrills with steamy, page-turning suspense like the “king of African American fiction” (Entertainment Weekly), Eric Jerome Dickey! Now, in the sequel to his latest page-turner see what happens to sexy, master hitman Gideon next!

At the end of Sleeping with Strangers, Gideon wakes to a mysterious, deadly enemy in a world where there’s no one he can trust…and his past is catching up with him-with a vengeance! Someone has taken out a hit on the hit man-but who? As the hunter becomes the hunted, Gideon will need to locate his friends and find out who his real enemies are if he wants to get out of the game alive.

Through spine-tingling twists and turns, you’ll take an extreme ride through the perils of love and lust and deadly betrayals—and you’ll love every minute of it!

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Category: Heritage Black Expressions®
THE VIXEN DIARIES Last Update: 2008/3/28 0:56

by Karrine Steffans

The New York Times bestselling author of Confession of a Video Vixen returns to shock the world with more gutsy gossip in her much anticipated sequel.

Part explosive memoir, part dishy tell-all, Confessions of a Video Vixen shared the story of Karrine Steffans—who triumphed over a past of physical and emotional abuse to become a glamorous star of hip-hop videos. Now, Karrine has returned with a new book, filled with juicy gossip, sought-after details of her star-studded lifestyle, and stunning tales of celebrities who helped—and hurt—her along the way, including the truth about those Bobby Brown rumors. The Vixen Diaries give readers an up-close and personal look at the Hollywood life of fast money, drugs, and sex and the inspiring and uplifting story of one woman who learned how to rise above those temptations to discover what life is really about.