Business Funding Letter

Business Funding Letter

(Your organizational Letterhead)


(Name of Point of Contact)
(Point of Contact's Title)
(Business Name)

Dear (Point of Contact's Name):

The (Your Organization) seeks support of ($XX,XXX) from the (Business Name) for support of our (description of project). We are grateful for the support we received from the (Business Name) in (Date, if applicable) for (description). Our current project may also be of interest with (Business Name's) goals.

The project for which we request funds will (describe goals of project); (insert specifics of plan). The project will take (Amount of time), (Amount of dollars). We expect the following results:




We have received (grant support, contributions, etc.) in the early stages. The first year support will come from (Organization 1, if applicable), (Organization 2, if applicable), and (Organization 3, if applicable).

We invite you visit the project. We will be glad to submit a full proposal with additional information for further review.


(Your Name)
(Your Telephone Number )


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