Candle and Soap Making Supplies



Peak Candle Making Supplies – 
Offers candle making products, fragrance oils, and soap making kits.

Cranberry Lane Soapmaking Supplies – 
Offers a variety of natural beauty products, kits, and raw ingredients, including soap and candle making supplies.

From Nature with Love – 
Offering potpourri, oils and candle supplies.

Well Now – 
Source for glassware and aromatherapy materials including a selection of essential oils, and soap making supplies.

Soap Wizards – 
Offers a selection of bulk glycerin and liquid soap base, salts, bombs, and supplies.

Shaw Mudge and Company – 
Offer fragrances for candles, soaps, personal, and home care products.

Country Scentiments – 
Gentle hand-crafted skincare products including soaps, body scrub, lotion and foam bath.

Ponte Vedra Soap Shoppe – 
Offers a line of aromatherapy and soap supplies. Includes essential and fragrance oils, molds, pigments, specialty oils, and books.

Tonys Fragrance Oils – 
Offering a wide variety of fragrance oils for soap and candle makers. Includes receipes, tips and tricks.

Wicks and Wax – 
Offers a variety of waxes and soap bases, additives, molds and books.

SilkyTyme – 
Offers glass and porcelain embeds, gels, fragance oils, wicks, and glassware.

Devonshire Scents – 
Fragrance oils for candlemaking, soaps and lotions.

Pine Meadows – 
Offers equipment and accessories. Includes fragrance and essential oils, bases, molds, and recipes.

Ye Olde Soap Shoppe – 
Soapmaking supplies and information.

Pemaquid Lights Candle – 
Scented jar candles, votives, supplies, and kits.

Lynden House International Inc. – 
Canadian supplier offers candle and soap making supplies including glycerin soap base, paraffin wax, fragrances, dyes, molds, and bath bomb supplies.

King House Candle Supplies – 
Supplies for candles, bath and body. Variety of fragrance oils, wax, glassware, pottery, wicks, color blocks, and dye.

The Packaging Goddess – 
A wide range of unusual packaging supplies for the home soap or toiletries makers. Boxes, bags, containers, tie-ons. Also offers some unusual soap molds.

Bitter Creek Candle Supply – 
Offers candle and soapmaking supplies and kits.

Fab Soaps – 
Offers a wide selection of wax embeds, wicks, dyes, kits, and packaging items. Also finished products.

Moon Glow Candles and Supplies – 
All natural soy candles and soap making supplies including soy lotion, candle wax, soy fragrance and soy wicks.

Body of Love – 
Fragrance and essential oils for soaps, candles and potpourri.

Save On Scents – 
Offers fragrance oils.

Vanilla Velvet – 
Recipes for all-natural bath and body products.

Flutterbee’s – 
Handmade glycerin soap, bath tea bags, lotions, scented items, crafts and craft supplies.

Snowtop Candle Supplies – 
Offering fragrance oils, waxes, kits, bases, additives, containers, and wicking.

Little Ruby Designs – 
Offers a variety of handmade vegetable glycerin soaps, lotion butter bars, gel and soybean wax candles.

Soap And Candle Molds – 
Makes and sells silicone molds.

Heavenly Country Scents – 
Offering fragrance oils for soapmaking, toiletries and candles, and items such as bath and body bases, colorants, silk rose petals, and containers.

La Naturale – 
Offers plexiglass molds that need no lining, soap cutters, virgin olive oil, and a non-Paraben preservative for lotions, creams, shampoos.

A World of Plenty – 
Includes potpourri and sachet ingredients, aromatherapy bath and body oils, and cosmetics. Also offering recipes and ideas for making natural personal and home fragrances.

Blake and Company – 
Fragrance and essential oils, wax, soap, and additives. Includes recipes.

Aromaxpress Fragrance Supplies – 
Soap and candle making oils, aromatherapy oil, and blends. Also supplies and kits.

Canwax – 
Provides waxes, bases, fragrances, dyes, containers, and equipment.

Soap and Herbs – 
Offers a selection of molds, essential oils, aromatherapy items, and bulk natural ingredients. Also handmade soap products and a forum.

Southern Scentsations – 
Supplier of waxes, fragrances, glassware, wicks, candle additives, and soap bases.

The Soap Maker – 
Supplier of soap, candle making supplies. Includes oils, herbs, colorants, books, packaging, and molds.

Soap Moldsrus – 
Offering a vast selection of silicone molds for soap and wax embeds.

PureWax Ltd. – 
Offers pure refined and filtered beeswax for use in candle making and cosmetics. Includes information regarding the natural production process.

Katlaw Industries – 
Canadian supplier of soaps, gel wax, resin, and oil and supplies.

Flickers and Flowers – 
Providing basic items such as jars, waxes, wicks, soap bases, dyes, and fragrance oils.

Aussie Soap Supplies – 
Supplying raw ingredients, packaging, and recipes for soaps and cosmetics.

AAA Candle Supply, Inc. – 
Provides candle making and soap making supplies, ingredients, and equipment.

Well, Naturally – 
Essential oils, fragrance and carrier oils, herbs and accessories for candles, soaps, and cosmetics.

Saratoga Scents – 
Molds, soap bases, oils, waxes and wicks.

Scent It Company – 
Offers scenting oils for candles and soaps.

Craft Lobby – 
Offers a selection of bases, fragrance oils, waxes, molds, additives, and bulk supplies.

Carolina Candle Supplies – 
Candle making supplies including wax, wicks, dyes, fragrance, molds and containers. Bath and body supplies including plastic bottles, melt and pour soap, lotions, shower gel, and body mist.

Flexiblemolds – 
Offers an assortment of soap and candle silicone molds. Includes cinnamon rolls and buns, holiday, fortune cookie, grubby, primitive, fruits, and pie crusts.

One Stop Candle – 
Offers a selection of candle and soap making, leather craft and chocolate making supplies.

Bottles and Jars – 
An assortment of plastic bottles, jars and sprays for dispensing handmade toiletries. No minimums.

Heart’s Desire – 
Beeswax and gel candle making supplies, glycerine soap, lotion and toiletries bases, mosaic tiles and grout.

Yellow Rose Fragrances – 
A wide range of fragrance oils for soaps, toiletries, and candles. Weekly and monthly specials. No credit cards accepted.

Buckley Candle Supply – 
Offers wax, wicks, fragrances, soy wax, color, and molds.

Sunflower Scents and Supplies – 
Offering a selection of oils, scents, bases, and containers.

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