eating better on a budget

Get the most for your food budget! There are many ways to save money on the foods that you eat. The ¬†three main steps are planning before you shop, purchasing the items at the best price, and preparing meals that ¬†stretch your food dollars. 1. plan, plan, plan! Before you… fitness videos fitness videos give you the results you dream about. This side lunge with leg lift exercise will tone your glutes, inner thighs and quads giving you a lower body that's tight and toned. Paired with a regular cardio routine results will show in no time. (more)

Flatten Your Pot Belly Workout Video

A Free online exercise video from This Physio Ball Leg Lifts workout will give you flat abs using a physio ball and workout bench. It also requires stability, working your entire core muscles. This fitness routine is advanced. Get your best abs now! Of course, the first step to…