Collection Letter Two

(Client Name)

(Client Street Address )
(Client Phone)
(Client Fax)
(Client City, State, Zip)


(Debtor's Name)
(Debtor's Street Address)
(Debtor's City/State/Zip)

RE: Invoice # (#), (Invoice Date)
Total: $(amount)
Due. $(amount)

Dear (Debtor's Name):

Your unpaid bill has been brought to my attention. It is my intent to resolve this matter now, before I have to consider further action. Your bill is seriously delinquent and I cannot allow the situation to continue.

We can still resolve this matter amicably. Please send your payment for the amount noted above to my attention and you can rectify this situation, avoiding serious problems. I will mark my file ahead 10 days. If I do not receive your payment by that date, I will give this debt to (Collection Agency Name) for collection.

Your's truly,

(Client Signature Block)

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