International Bartering Resources


MonkeyBin – 
Multi-party barter trading technologies for eMarketplaces. Patent-pending MatchMaker(tm) engine enables efficient exchange of goods and services in eMarketplaces.

Tradewell, Inc. – 
Oldest full-service corporate trading company worldwide- 25 years as first choice of Fortune 500/100 CFO's for asset recovery, margin enhancement, and branding funded by inventory.

ITEX Corporation – 
International barter company for retail, professional, media, and service oriented clients.

Tradex Pacific Pty. Ltd – 
Tradex Pacific provide a broker service for businesses to purchase goods and services, using spare capacity in their business to pay for them.

Bartercard New Zealand – 
Bartercard New Zealand: how barter works, contact information, news, and events. Improve cashflow, increase sales and receive interest-free credit.

Barter World Wide Incorporated – http://BARTERWWW.COM 
A corporate barter broker.

International Reciprocal Trade Association – 
The mission of IRTA is to advance the barter industry worldwide and raise barter's value to the business community and economy.

Crump Barter Services – 
Acts as a trade exchange clearing house for over 110 trade exchanges.

Barter Trade UK – 
Brokers and consultants, countertrade and barter , site offers overall description of services, examples, contacts and links.

Euro Barter Business – 
In cooperation with more than 100 companies with more than 150,000 members around the world, offers barter as a successful management and marketing tool.

Tradeaway – 
Find, sell, trade, barter, buy any new/used item, service or real estate.

ITEX Central – 
Itexcentral is a retail barter company and is part of the Itex Trade and Barter Corporation.

Barter It Online – 
An e-marketplace where businesses and entrepreneurs barter skills, products, and services worldwide, using a common e-dollar currency.

Dallas Barter Exchange – 
Businesses in Dallas and Fort Worth Areas to post their company goods or services that they are willing to exchange and what they want to exchange for. – 
Business to business e-commerce barter services for retail, professional, media and other corporate clients.

Web Trade Exchange – 
This exchange has members in 37 nations, free-call authorization call center availability from 9 countries and an Indian exchange with over 100,000 members.

Barter Business Unlimited – 
Connecticut-based barter exchange clearinghouse provides information on membership, benefits of bartering.

International Barter Exchange – 
The International Barter Exchange has been serving business owners for over ten years, we are Sarasota, Florida's largest barter exchange.

Barter Network Ltd – 
Toronto based barter network. Member of The International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA) the organization that governs barter exchanges worldwide.

BarterNews – 
BarterNews magazine has been the voice of the industry since 1980. It is written by industry practitioners and is regarded worldwide as the voice of the industry.

Bartering Connection dot com – 
Committed to making it fast and easy for you to buy, sell, and trade.

Barter Consultants International – 
Network with members who trade using trade dollars to swap for services and products.

Discount Barter – 
Internet Trade Exchange for Business Owners.

GBarter – 
An on-line barter exchange that will let you get credit for your items. List unwanted goods and get something you really want in exchange with your credit.

Continental Trade Exchange – 
National bartering network provides access to a variety of goods and services from professional services, printing, advertising, travel, to restaurants without paying cash.

Trade USA – Dallas/Fort Worth – 
Save cash by selling your company's goods and services on trade. Serving Dallas/Ft Worth with nationwide barter trading affiliates. Online member classified ads with photos.

Executive One, Alaska – 
Alaska's Oldest and Largest B2B exchange. EOA helps you trade your products or services for things you need.

Caribbean Barter – 
Caribbean Barter invites all visitors to the concept of organized business to business trade. Members keep abreast of trade, news and information.

BarterCanada – 
Barter Canada is a Trade Exchange Located in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada providing businesses and individuals barter accounts.

CompassCard – 
The Compass Trade Exchange is a barter system for business and individual accounts.

Southern Barter Exchange – 
With barter, you can grow your profits while reducing overall expenditures.

BXI Las Vegas – 
BXI Trade Exchange is a business to business barter company.

Santa Cruz Barter – 
Personal online trading and bartering for goods and services

Barter, Swap, or Trade – 
Venue for introducing people and businesses who would like to barter, trade, or swap belongings or services with each other.

BarterCard USA – 
Bartercard is a global trade exchange that allows business owners to pay for some of their business expenses with their own product and service.

Trade Exchange Canada – 
Canadian trade exchange with access to over 100,000 trading businesses worldwide.

Barter Associates – 
An independent licensee of ITEX corporation, the only publicly traded trade exchange in the US, with over 25,000 members.

Bartering in Europe – 
The TBEX is a barter system for business and individual accounts located in Scotland.

Reciprocal Results – 
Liquidate excess merchandise via corporate barter. Discusses corporate barter and media barter in general.

Alliance Barter – 
B2B barter network of businesses trading products and services. Increase sales and reduce cash expenditures by bartering. Offices: Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse NY; Toronto, Canada.

Barter Network Inc. – 
Virginia based barter exchange serving the Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC areas. Information about membership, benefits, and items available for trade.

Tradebank – 
A full-service barter exchange promoting a wide range of products and services through the opportunity to barter.

Texas Barter Exchange – 
You can barter, trade, exchange, swap and preserve cash while bartering your product or services for goods you normally purchase for cash.

Itex Qubec – 
Itex's Quebec division, the largest network of commercial exchanges in Canada.

National Trade Association – 
Worldwide access to manufactured goods, food, lodging and entertainment.

Bartercard Central Coast – 
An interest free line of credit for your business, improved cash flow,increase sales. Situated on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia

Free Barter Page – 
Free barter listings.

Barter Co-op – 
Allows members to barter, trade, exchange, and swap products or services.

Barter Bxi – 
National barter company through which thousands of businesses trade goods and services each day without cash.

Bay Area International Trade Exchange Affiliate – 
San Francisco Bay Area ITEX Licensed Brokerage office.

Our Oakville Barter – 
Barter Club A way to exchange or barter products and services with other members

National Barter Corporation – 
The National Barter Corporation helps you find exactly what you're looking for.No matter whether you're a huge multi-national corporation or a sole proprietor, NBC makes barter work for you.

XtraBarter Inc. – 
Corporate Barter in Mexico, USA and the Caribbean Islands. More than 40 years experience.

BXI Index of Internet Sites – 
Comprehensive index of BXI (Business Exchange International) barter Internet sites worldwide. All BXI office sites are listed. BXI has 30,000 members around the world.

ICON International is a specialized finance company engaged in corporate barter. – 
ICON is a specialized finance company engaged in corporate barter and other financial transactions.

Pacific Business Exchange, Inc. – 
ITEX organization for business to business barter exchange in Hawaii and the mainland.

Family Trader – 
Allows members to barter, trade, exchange or sell products or services.

Traders Club – 
An online exchange for business and consumer transactions using barter.

EBB – Euro Barter Business – 
Barer – Sie suchen neue Kunden, wollen mehr Gesch?ft, unabh?ngigeres Arbeiten von Banken, Forderungsmanagement ? Kontaktieren Sie uns!

Trodo – 
Barter site, allowing members to give away stuff in return for credits which can be used to request stuff.

Empowered by Barter – 
Learn how to trade services and products successfully and find a trade exchange near your business.

Information on using – 
Describes benefits to using as well as providing a discount code for membership fee.

Gift Your Goods – 
Barter Goods from anywhere for Personal or Business use.

Illinois Trade Association – 
ITA is part of a national network of bartering trade exchanges that helps your business turn excess goods and services into greater purchasing power.

Barter Advantage – 
Barter business exchange online site for travel, theater, media, restaurant barter, swap, trade, exchange.

Honor Club – 
FREE membership International Barter Community on the Internet.

scripXchange – 
Buy, sell or trade almost any established private, business or government sanctioned scrip or currency in the world.

BarterXchange – 
BarterXchange is a barter trade exchange center in Singapore offering a neutral platform for traders to trade with one another.

Barter Company in Korea – 
Internet barter service company for members in korea. B2B Bartering between companies.

Barter Company – 
A barter company based in Atlanta, Georgia for businesses and individuals to network and exchange goods and services.

Let's Reciprocate (UK) – 
Barter & swap services and skills; network with individuals and businesses.

A Free Local Online Swap Meet – 
A Free local online swap meet where people can buy, sell, and trade anything they want.

International Business Exchange | Spain – 
Offers services to promote products in foreign markets.

Business Interests (ITEX) – 
Use ITEX to trade your goods and services through our barter exchange organization for the goods and services you desire from other businesses!

Golf Merchandise Barter – 
Get golf merchandise, but keep your wallet in your pocket. selling together to sell more! – 
Trade products and services with other members.

Platinum Barter Exchange – 
Platinum Barter Exchange is the only Barter Exchange to exclusively service Edmonton and surrounding areas.

BonitaBarter Online Auction and Barter Service – 
NEW Auction and Barter Service Associated With Ebay.

Ventura county business to business barter club.

Business Interests Inc. (ITEX) – 
Use ITEX to trade your goods and services through our barter exchange organization for the goods and services you desire. – 
Barter, Trade, Sell, or list much like a classified ad. Aimed at individuals and businesses alike.

TATE – Trans-American Trade Exchange – 
With TATE you can barter in Montreal and Ottawa areas, by becoming a member of the Trans-American Trade Exchange.

Services4Trade – 
Trade a service that you can offer for another service.

Trade Blitz Trade Online – 
List trades and upload pictures of your items on the world's first true on line trade site.

Gulf Coast Barter Company – 
We arrange the trade of your expertise or products with other companies.

Barter And Auction – 
Conducts online auctions allowing bidders to pay using popular barter currencies.

Matchneeds – 
Match buyers with sellers for dollar or barter sales. List your needs and we will match someone to your wants.

Business Nation – Business Barter – 
One on one business barter exchange and board provides barter opportunities and you need not use trade dollars.

HotelSwop – 
Members trade accommodation, meals, drinks, at participating merchants in the trade exchange.

Barter Vermont – 
Members and services provided by the Vermont Barter Group. 

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