Specialized Lending Resources

1st Commercial Credit – http://www.1stcommercialcredit.com/ 

Provides corporate financing using accounts receivable as collateral.

3E Captital, LLC – http://www.3ecapital.com 
Provides commercial financing through a network of lenders.

A & E Funding – http://www.aefunding.com/ 
Offers funding for restaurants and small businesses using different methods.

Advance Financial Corporation – http://www.advancefinancialcorp.com/ 
Provides asset based loans and receivable financing to young and growing companies.

Advocate Capital Incorporated – http://www.advocatecapital.com/ 
Provides financing to personal injury attorneys.

AgQuest Financial Services – http://www.agquestfinancial.com/ 
Agricultural lender offers financing, insurance, finishing barn financing and leasing.

Alaska Growth Capital – http://www.alaskagrowth.com/ 
Commercial lending institution that is licensed and regulated by the State of Alaska.

Allbex Financial Partners – http://www.allbex.com/ 
Provides a wide array of commercial financing programs.

Allcity Services – http://www.allcityservices.com 
Offers various types of business and commercial financing programs.

AmeriBanque Ltd. – http://www.ameribanque.com 
Processor and preparer of analytical write-ups for commercial loan requests.

American AgCredit – http://www.agloan.com/ 
Provides financing to the agricultural industry.

American Church Mortgage Company – http://www.church-loans.net 
Underwrites first mortgage bond issues for financing church construction or renovation.

AMI Financial – http://www.amifinancial.com 
Provides business financing to corporations and individuals nationwide.

Asset Investment and Finance Group – http://www.aif.cargill.com 
Financier for credit-intensive portfolio transactions.

Astec Financial Services, Inc. – http://www.astecfinancial.com/ 
Provides financing and leasing for the asphalt construction and crushing industries.

Bank of America Business Capital – http://www.bofabusinesscapital.com/ 
Provides asset-based lending and cash flow financing to middle-market businesses

Bank of America Commercial Finance – http://corp.bankofamerica.com/portal/homepage/index.jsp 
Secured leveraged lending and structured finance products.

Barclay Associates – http://www.barclayassociates.com/ 
Provides a wide array of commercial financing products and services.

Baron Real Estate Loans – http://www.hardtoplaceloans.com 
Provides commercial lending and hard to place loans.

Baxter Capital – http://www.baxtercapital.com/ 
Provides financing solutions to the healthcare industry.

Bentley Banks Financial Corporation – http://www.bentleybanks.com/ 
Provides business loans and equipment leasing.

Berkman Financial Services – http://www.storyloan.com/ 
California firm arranges business financing.

Bizloan – http://www.bizloan.org/ 
Commercial brokerage specializes in commercial financing for individuals and businesses.

BNM Consulting Limited – http://www.bnmconsulting.co.uk 
Manchester based consulting firm with practice revolving around commercial finance.

Business Capital – http://businesscapital.co.za 
Internet business funding directory for African small business.

Business Finance Services Inc – http://www.businessfinancialservices.com/ 
Offers alternative funding solutions to retailers, restaurant owners and small businesses.

Business Lenders, LLC – http://www.businesslenders.com/ 
Non-bank SBA lender providing business, real estate and equipment loans.

C&J Financial – http://www.funeralfinancing.com/ 
Provides funeral financing and related services to funeral directors.

Canatex Financial – http://www.canatexfinancial.com/ 
Provides collateral to assist companies or projects trying to obtain financing

Capital Factors – http://www.capitalfactors.com/ 
Provides factoring, asset-based lending, and rental fleet financing.

Capital Management Group – http://www.cm-group.com/ 
Provides business financing services for the United States and worldwide.

Capital.com – http://www.capital.com/ 
Marketplace where financial sources compete to provide capital to companies.

Capital4Healthcare, LLC – http://www.capital4healthcare.com/ 
Finance solutions for medical professionals for acquisition, expansion, operation and refinance of a medical practice.

Car Wash Loans – http://www.carwashloans.com/ 
Provides financing to buy, build, refurbish or refinance car washes.

Case Financial – http://www.casefinancial.com/ 
Provides pre-settlement funding solutions to plaintiffs.

CashFlowLoans.com – http://www.cashflowloans.com/ 
Provides financing to businesses through nationwide and international funding sources.

Chicago Commercial Mortgage Group – http://www.chi-cmg.com 
Provides commercial financing solutions for real estate investors.

Clements Partners – http://www.clementspartners.com/ 
Provides indigenous finance and asset management services for Native America.

Coastal Credit (UK) Ltd. – http://www.coastalhouse.freeserve.co.uk 
Company arranges commercial and personal financing in the UK.

Coffman Capital – http://www.coffmancapital.com/ 
Provides financing services to healthcare professionals throughout the United States.

Commerce Funding Corporation – http://www.commercefunding.com/ 
Provides commercial financing products and services across the nation.

Commercial Bancorp – http://www.commercialbancorp.com/ 
Offers financing solutions for most types of businesses in the United States.

Commercial Finance Group – http://www.cfgbusiness.net 
Provides commercial loans, church and restaurant finance, land mortgages, corporate factoring, accounts receivables financing and asset-based lending.

Commercial Finance Group – http://www.commercialfinancegroup.net/ 
Provider of many business and financial products and services.

Commercial Funding Corporation – http://www.comfundingcorp.com/ 
Provides factoring, asset-based lending and business credit counseling.

Commercial Mortgage Central – http://www.commercialmortgagecentral.com/ 
Databank containing the loan rates of 700 commercial lenders.

Commercial Property Lenders Inc. – http://cplloans.com/ 
CPL provides loans on commercial real estate and business loans that are collateralized with real estate.

CommercialLoanFinder.com – http://www.commercialloanfinder.com/ 
Offers mortgages on income producing commercial real estate property.

Corporate Finance Associates – http://www.cfaw.com/ 
Investment brokers for selling, buying, financing or consolidating a business.

Creative Financial Corporation – http://www.creativefinancialcorp.com/ 
Provides business capital to accommodate a variety of situations.

Crediflex – http://www.crediflex.com 
Provides equipment financing, property financing, banking tenders, general business finance, and auto finance.

Credit Sovereign – http://www.creditsovereign.com/ 
Provides commercial mortgage lending and investment banking services.

DaimlerChrysler Capital Services – http://www.dcxcapital.com/ 
Provides commercial real estate and equipment financing.

Deschutes Capital – http://www.deschutescapital.com 
Provides asset-based and cash flow financing to middle market companies.

DGH Financial Services, Inc. – http://www.sba4you.com/ 
Assists small businesses in securing SBA loans.

Diversified Financial Services – http://www.dfsfin.com/ 
Provides equipment financing and insurance programs to targeted niche markets.

Dublin Capital Corporation – http://www.dublincapital.net/ 
Providing lease purchase financing for municipal and emergency service customers.

Eagle Funding & Investment – http://www.eagle2fund.com/ 
Offers commercial financing programs for businesses and commercial developers.

Equipment Lease Back Funding – http://www.equipmentleasebackfund.com 
Provides equipment leasing and lease back financing.

Execunet Financial – http://www.execunetfinancial.com/ 
Provides a wide array of business financing options.

Fairfield Financial Services – http://www.privatemoneysource.com/ 
Broker providing private money options for commercial real estate funding.

FGI Finance – http://www.faunusgroup.com 
International trade finance services for exporters and manufacturers.

Financial Manager's Resources – http://www.finance-manager.com/ 
Facilitates funding for business growth and capital needs.

Financing for Construction Projects – http://vitors1.tripod.com/constru/ 
Loans for construction and refinancing projects in the USA and Canada.

FinanSource – http://www.finansource.com/ 
Specializes in financing alternatives for businesses unable to obtain traditional bank financing.

First Business Financial Services – http://www.fbfinancial.net/ 
Provides commercial finance, leasing, investment plans, and merchant services.

First Capital Corporation – http://www.frstcapital.com 
Provides asset based lending to small and mid-sized businesses.

First Capital Solutions – http://www.1stcapitalsolutions.com/ 
Provides commercial financing, venture capital, equipment leasing and factoring.

First City Capital Corp. – http://www.firstcitycapitalcorp.com/ 
Offers mezzanine financing, capital acquisition and consulting services.

First Commercial Corporation – http://www.1stcommercial.com/ 
Buyer of whole loans and portfolios secured by commercial properties.

First FundSource – http://www.firstfundsource.com 
Offers business loans, mortgages, note purchasing and accounts receivable funding.

First Madison Capital Corp. – http://www.firstmadisoncap.com/ 
Provides asset based lending and financing for undercapitalized businesses.

First National Assistance Finance Assoc. – http://www.loanmallusa.com/ 
Provides asset-based commercial financing.

First National of America, Inc. – http://www.FirstNA.com 
Finances golf courses throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

FirstAccess Financial Group, Inc. – http://www.fundingcorp.com/ 
Arranges, negotiates and structures financing services for clients worldwide.

FirstBroker Financial – http://www.firstbrokerfinancial.com 
Provides international commercial funding for large projects.

GE Capital – http://www.gecommercialfinance.com/ 
Provider of commercial financing services worldwide.

GE CFO Solutions – http://www.gecfo.com 
Provides commercial debt, loans, equipment leasing, bankruptcy and property finance.

GE Commercial Finance UK – http://www.gecapitalfinance.co.uk/ 
Provider of funding solutions such as invoice discounting and asset based finance for growth, acquisitions and mergers.

GE Healthcare – http://www.gehealthcare.com/ 
Provides financing and services for the healthcare industry.

Global Financial Services, Inc. – http://www.globalfinancial1.com/ 
Provides commercial loans and leases for small to mid-size businesses.

GMAC B2B Credit – http://www.gmacb2bcredit.com/ 
Offers real-time financing solutions for companies conducting business on the Internet.

Golden Key International – http://www.goldenkeyint.com/ 
Offering global project financing from the United States to China.

Golden MAC – http://www.goldenmac.com 
A financing source dedicated exclusively to McDonald's franchisees.

Great Nation Investment Corp. – http://www.greatnation.com/ 
Offers church financing with bond programs as an alternative to bank loans.

Hard Money Quick – http://www.hardmoneyquick.com/ 
Private lender specializing in loans for real estate Investment property.

Harry Hoffmann – http://www.harry-hoffmann.com/ 
Provides project funding, venture capital, risk management, and investment consulting.

Hathaway Capital – http://www.hathawaycapital.com/ 
Provides equipment and truckmount financing for professional carpet cleaners.

High Plains Financial – http://webnow.com/highplainsfinancial 
Offers business and commercial financing nationwide.

IntelligentFunding.com – http://www.intelligentfunding.com/ 
Provides consulting services and assists clients with all aspects of capital development.

Interface Financial Group – http://www.ifgsocal.com/ 
Providing working capital assistance to businesses.

Interstate Finance Inc. has – http://www.interstatefinance.com 
Offers business and investment loans to the Pacific Northwest.

Investment Services Corporation – http://www.iscfinancial.com/ 
Provides real estate, corporate and government contract financing.

IT Banking Group – http://www.itbankinggroup.com/ 
Provides financing on shares, government debt instruments, and letters of credit.

JS MultiCapital – http://www.jsmulticapital.com/ 
Provides multifamily investors with the capability to outsource their project financing activities.

K & B Capital Corporation – http://commercialfinance.com/ 
Commercial and residential lender offering a wide array of mortgage products.

Kensington Cross – http://www.kensingtoncross.com/ 
Provides commercial lending and financial services to various market places.

King Trade Capital – http://www.kingtradecapital.com/ 
Offers purchase order financing for manufacturing as well as domestic and international trade.

L and R Funding Company – http://www.operating-capital.com/ 
Provides factoring, business financing and equipment leasing.

LeaseSmart – http://www.lease-smart.com/ 
Arizona firm provides commercial equipment leasing and financing.

LendingApps – http://www.lendingapps.com 
Provides software tools for the commercial real estate mortgage industry.

Lexrule Corporation – http://www.lexrule.com/ 
Offers risk analysis and decision aiding software to commercial lending institutions.

Liberty Hartford Financial Group – http://www.libertyhartford.com/ 
Has access to hundreds of financial programs and funding sources through a national network.

Litigation Funding, Inc. – http://www.litigationfunding.net 
Provides commercial loans to personal injury attorneys secured by receivables.

LiveCapital.com – http://www.livecapital.com/ 
Provides financing options to small businesses.

LJE Enterprises Corporation – http://www.ljezfunding.bigstep.com/ 
Provides factoring, purchase order funding, leasing and commercial lines of credit.

Loan Assistance Center – http://www.loanassistancecenter.com/ 
Commercial loan package preparation and consulting services.

Loan Marketeer – http://www.loan-marketeer.com 
Provides online financing for commercial loans.

Loan Universe – http://www.loanuniverse.com/ 
Independent commercial lending advice from financial professional. Covering both business and commercial real estate.

Loancoach – http://www.loancoach.com/ 
Arranges financing for businesses and commercial properties.

LoansForBusiness.com – http://www.loansforbusiness.com/ 
Specializes in nationwide SBA, factoring, leasing and conventional financing.

London Manhattan Company – http://www.londonmanhattan.net/ 
Provides commercial and corporate financing.

LTF Banking Group – http://www.ltfbankinggroup.com/ 
Provides long term commercial financing products and services.

Mann Financial Corporation – http://www.mannfinancial.com/ 
Loan broker offering wide range of commercial lending solutions.

MBS Financial – http://www.mbsfinancial.com/ 
Provides commercial debt restructuring and alternative funding sources.

MFR Group – http://www.mfrgroup.net/ 
Provides purchase order financing for manufacturers, importers and exporters.

NAEDA Financial, Ltd. – http://www.naedafinancial.com/ 
Finances agricultural and commercial outdoor power equipment.

NAFA – http://www.inadnet.com/loan/loan.htm 
Provides asset based commercial and business lending services.

National Association of Credit Management – http://www.nacmne.com/ 
Professional association for commercial credit managers in New England.

Old Saybrook Golf Capital – http://www.oldsaybrookgolf.com/ 
A financial firm specializing in mezzanine debt and preferred equity investments for golf course properties.

One Plus One Funding, Inc. – http://www.oneplusonefunding.com 
Funding source that connects national lessors with lenders.

Paragon Analysis Corporation – http://www.paragonanalysis.com/ 
Provides training in risk management and consulting work for financial institutions commercial credit areas.

Peak Funding Services – http://www.cashflowconsulting.com 
Business financing and financial strategies for companies seeking working capital.

PetroMAC – http://www.petromac.com 
Specializes in gas stations and convenience store financing.

PLG Funding Corp – http://www.plgfunding.com/ 
Provides commercial financing, leasing, residential mortgages, and lines of credit.

Prescott Thackery – http://www.Prescott-Thackery.com 
Working capital financing solutions for small business.

Professional Practice Capital – http://www.ppcloan.com/ 
Provides financing options for professional practices of all types.

ProjectsFinance.com – http://www.projectsfinance.com 
Arranges business loans and acquisition financing for middle-market companies nationwide.

Providence Financial – http://www.providencefinancialco.com/ 
Provides loan brokering and financial consulting in commercial lending.

RAI Group – http://www.accucredit.com/ 
Offers a variety of commercial financing options for mid-market companies.

Ramko Rolland – http://home.nyc.rr.com/ramkorolland/home.html 
Provides corporate finance and operational restructuring.

Rapid Funding – http://www.rapidfunding.com/ 
Offers hard money asset-based loans for those rejected by commercial lending.

Rapt Enterprises, Inc. – http://www.eloansforbusiness.com/ 
Provides a wide variety of commercial financing programs.

Red Cloud Films – http://www.redcloudfilms.com/ 
Helps producers and entrepreneurs fund their bridge and post production financing needs.

Religious Loans – http://www.religiousloans.com/ 
Offers financing for religious organizations.

Rex Beach and Assoc. – http://www.shockproof.biz/ 
Provides commercial credit training with an emphasis in credit analysis.

Sandberg Associates, Ltd – http://www.sandbergltd.com/ 
Offering project development loans and corporate creative financing.

Small Business Capital Corp. – http://www.smallbusinesscapitalcorp.com/ 
Providing long-term federal government SBA and USDA loans.

Sovereign Capital & Indemnity, Ltd. – http://www.sovereign-capital.com/ 
Arranges corporate finance, real estate finance, venture capital, and insurance.

Sun Capital Inc. – http://www.suncapitalinc.com 
Provides funding programs for small to multinational companies in various industries.

SunState Consulting – http://www.sunstateconsulting.com/ 
Provides start-up financing, invoice factoring, and venture capital funding.

Surang Finance – http://www.surangfinance.com/ 
Provides commercial loan brokerage services.

Textron Financial Corporation – http://www.tfc.textron.com/ 
A diversified commercial finance company.

Universal Finance – http://www.universalfinance.com/ 
Provides international hotel and commercial financing.

US Capital Markets Group – http://www.uscmg.com/ 
Skilled in analyzing, valuing and marketing all types of assets for financial institutions.

Viking Financial Services – http://www.vikinginc.net/vfs/default.htm 
Offers lease financing for the pallet and forest products industries.

Wachovia Corporate Services – http://www.wachovia.com/corp_inst 
Provides a full range of business financing solutions.

Wilshire International Funding Group – http://www.wilshirefunding.com/ 
Offers commercial financing services for middle-market businesses.