Wholesale Candle and Soap Supplies


Candlewic – http://www.candlewic.com/ 
Offers candle wax and gel, molds, and scents. Online tutorial and wick builder. Pennsylvania, USA.

Cajun Candle Factory – http://www.cajuncandles.com/ 
Candlemaking supplies including wax, containers, and fragrance oils. Color chart, beginner instructions, and FAQ. Louisiana, USA.

C.J. Robinson Company – http://www.cjrobinson.com 
Wholesale waxes and oils for candlemaking and industrial use. Includes product line and applications, along with technical assistance. Pennsylvania, USA.

Bottlemate, Inc. – http://www.bottlemate.com 
Manufacturer of bottles, tottles, tubes, closures, and a variety of jars. Stock and custom designs. California, USA.

Atlantic Spice Company – http://www.atlanticspice.com/ 
Herbs, fragrance and essential oils, potpourri, and accessories. Recipes on site. Massachusetts, USA.

Snowdrift Farms – http://www.snowdriftfarm.com/ 
Packaging and raw ingredients for handmade soaps and toiletries. MSDS, tip and tricks, and oil properties chart. Arizona, USA.

The Buying Group (TBG) – http://www.the-buying-group.com 
Co-op buying on essential oils, lotion chemicals, base oils, and other soap making supplies. Includes lotion tutorial, recipes, and MSDS. Florida, USA.

WAAGE Electric, Inc. – http://www.waage.com 
Manufacturer of wax melters, strip heaters, and immersion heaters. Safety and troubleshooting information. New Jersey, USA.

Between Friends Too – http://www.betweenfriendstoo.com/ 
Variety of supplies including soap kits, glitter, and oils. Recipes and printable catalog. Washington, USA.

Columbus Foods – http://www.soaperschoice.com/ 
Wholesale melt and pour soap base, coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, and other oils and butters. Illinois, USA.

Environmental Technology, Inc. – http://www.eti-usa.com/ 
Offers glycerin soap base, fragrance oils, colorants, and soap molds. Melt and pour soap recipes and instructions. California, USA.

Kaldon Plastics, Inc. – http://www.kaldonplastics.com/ 
Manufacturers of non flammable clear plastic tea light and votive cups. Company, product and ordering information. Ontario, Canada.

Fine Art Molds – http://www.fineartmolds.com 
Supplier of custom and stock molds for candles, soap, and chocolate. Mold care, color tips, and photo gallery. California, USA.

Slippery Soap – http://www.slipperysoap.com/ 
Manufacturer of clear melt and pour glycerin soap. Includes pricing structure and minimum buy information. British Columbia, Canada.

Kraft Chemical Company – http://www.kraftchemical.com/ 
Beeswax, aloe vera, glycerin, stearic acid, and other chemicals. Technical and industry specialist assistance available. Illinois, USA.

Aksh Industries, Inc. – http://www.akshindustries.com 
Manufacturers of Melt & Pour soap bases in transparent and opaque form. Ontario, Canada.

Southern Scentsations – http://www.greatcandle.com 
Wholesale wax, wicks, fragrances, liquid dyes, and candle molds. Tips and instructions for soy and paraffin waxes. Michigan, USA.

BioChemicals International – http://www.biochemica.com 
A variety of bulk oils and butters such as Shea, Cocoa, Jojoba, Grapeseed, and Mango. Spec sheets and MSDS available online. Florida, USA.

Country Lane Candle Supplies – http://www.clcs.com/ 
Beeswax, wicking, molds, and a variety of candle making supplies. Manitoba, Canada.

Glassware 4 Gellin – http://www.glassware4gellin.com/ 
Extensive selection of glassware for candles and toiletries. Newsletter, candle photos, and recipes. Louisiana, USA.

Wick Store – http://www.wickstore.com 
Manufacturers variety of wicks and also carries molds, dyes, and fragrances. FAQ on wicks and project ideas. Massachusetts, USA.

Gel Factory – http://www.gelfactory.com 
Offering gel candle kits, wicks, and supplies. Safety guidelines, beginner tips, and project instructions. North Carolina, USA.

Alberta Beeswax and Candle Making Supplies – http://www.candlesandbeeswax.com/ 
A variety of soap and candle making supplies including beeswax, paraffin, wicks, melt and pour soap base, and dyes. Alberta, Canada.

Essentials by Catalina – http://www.essentialsbycatalina.com 
Plastic bottles, bath accessories, lotion base and unscented shower gel base. Toiletry recipes and FAQ. California, USA.

CandleGaint.com – http://www.candlegiant.com 
Supplier of candle fragrances, wax, wicks, and melters. Ohio, USA.

Wholesale Supplies Plus – http://www.wholesalesuppliesplus.com/default.asp 
Glycerin Soap Base, fragrance oils, colors, and soap molds. Soapmaking instructions, and recipes. Ohio, USA.

Creations – http://www.gellycandle.com 
Gel, colorants, wire bale jars, wax and glass embeds, and glitter. Instructions for making gel candles. New Mexico, USA.

Hayes & Finch Limited – http://www.candlewick-supplies.com/ 
Manufacture of powdered candle wax and a variety of no-lead wick options. Aintree, Liverpool, United Kingdom.

SaveOnScents.Com – http://www.clickx.com/saveonscents/ 
Bulk fragrance oils, incense supplies and accessories, and perfume bottles. Contact and ordering information online. New York, USA.

Decor Trends – http://www.jarsupplier.com 
Seamless glass jars and accessories. FAQ and contact information on site. China and US.

SFIC Corporation – http://www.sficcorp.com 
Manufactures many varieties of melt and pour glycerin soap and toiletry bases. California, USA.

CandleMatch.com – http://members.rogers.com/candlematch/ 
Line of candle making supplies including paraffin and gel, wicks, molds, and glassware. Ontario, Canada.

Oils By Nature – http://www.oilsbynature.com 
Supplier of butters, oils and waxes. Includes product line, applications and MSDS technical information. Ohio, USA.

Auralites Inc. – http://www.auralites.com 
Manufacturer of clear plastic polycarbonate tealight cups for the candle manufacturer. Ontario, Canada.

That Makes Scents – http://www.auctionworks.com/store/default.asp?sfid=17491 
Candle wax, fragrances, containers, and wicks. Safety information and set-up guidelines for chandlers. Ohio, USA.

Creation Herbals – http://creationsoap.com/wholesale/ 
Wholesale supplier of colorants, essential oils, bulk herbs, and containers. Online herb guide and cold process guidelines. North Carolina, USA.




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