Loan Resources


1st Franklin Financial Corp. – 
A consumer finance company serving the Southeast.

Advance Cost & Settlement Funding Corp. – 
Provides funding for plaintiffs with personal injury claims and lawsuits.

All Home Credit – 
Offers a wide variety of loan programs for all types of credit.

American Business Financial Services, Inc. – 
Originates, sells and services loans to businesses secured by real estate and other business assets for various business purposes.

American Capital Strategies, Ltd. – 
Provides commercial loans and finance advisory services to small and medium sized businesses.

American General Financial Group – 
Providing loans, mortgages and retail financing to consumers and businesses.

American Personal Loans – 
Offers secured and unsecured loans for good and bad credit.

Augello Financial Services – 
Provides loan services for people with less than perfect credit.

Biblio Fund, Inc. – 
Provides financing of antiquarian books and cartography.

Blue Ridge Farm Credit – 
Financial cooperative provides agricultural loans to farmers and agri-businesses.

BulletLoan – 
Offers financing nationwide through Household Bank, a federal savings bank.

CareCredit – 
Offers a healthcare financing plan developed to assist both the patient and physician.

CBF – 
Provides asset finance, business loans, and commercial and residential mortgages.

Celtic Capital Corporation – 
Provides asset based capital loans and lending products to businesses.

Citifinancial – 
Consumer finance company offering personal loans and mortgages.

Discover Personal Loans – 
Fixed rate / fixed payment personal loans for various needs.

E-Loan – 
Marketplace for mortgages, auto financing, credit cards and business financing. – 
Provides margin loans against stock.

Essex Credit Corporation – 
Provides RV and boat financing with short & long terms available.

Farm Credit Services – 
Provides financing for agribusinesses, farmers and rural residents.

FinanceTracker Ltd – 
Arranges various types of financing for individuals and businesses.

Genesis Group, Inc. – 
Nationwide church and non-profit financing company.

GetSmart – 
Enables consumers and businesses to search thousands of financial products. – 
Gateway to US federal government loan information, including agriculture, disaster relief, education, housing and veteran loans.

Heights Finance Corporation – 
Provider of small loans and real estate financing services.

HELPcard – 
Provides a financing option for the private-pay portion of healthcare expenses.

Household Direct – 
Offers mortgage refinancing, home equity loans and personal loans for homeowners.

IBC Easyloan – 
Provides home equity loans online via International Bancshares Corporation.

Independent Global Financial Services – 
Provides financing and investment services for individuals and companies.

Intended Federal Funds Rate – 
Lists interest rate at which depository institutions lend balances at the Federal Reserve to other depository insitutions.

Kendor Financial, Ltd. – 
Offers an extensive range of loan servicing products.

Lawsuit Funding, L.L.C – 
Provides non-recourse lawsuit funding for plantiffs in litigation – 
Provides lenders an e-commerce solution to offer loans online.

Lenders Interactive Services – 
Enables consumers and businesses to search lenders for financial products.

LendingTree – 
Allows consumers to obtain financial products from a multitude of lenders.

LoanBus – 
Offers a broad choice of customized loan solutions to meet clients' needs.

Loans for Doctors – 
Provides financing programs for physicians and dentists.

Medallion Financial Group – 
Financing taxi medallions and other targeted industries. – 
Offers cash loans to doctors and other licensed healthcare professionals.

NARI Association – 
Offers loan programs to medical, dental and oesteopathic residents and interns.

National Lawsuit Funding – 
Offers lawsuit and litigation financing services.

Nationwide Group of Financial Companies – 
Provides consumer and commercial loans, retail and auto dealer programs, and collections.

New Horizon Financial Center – 
A loan broker offering a wide array of lending programs. – 
Offers families financing of summer tuition for camp, teen tours, and summer programs.

Pioneer Military Lending, Inc. – 
Provides loans to active and retired military personnel worldwide.

Private Investor Reserves Corp. – 
Provides mutual fund loans.

Reach Financial Solutions .Ltd – 
Reach Financial Solutions provides various types of loans including home, auto, business in Australia

Rives, Leavell and Company – 
Church and non-profit financing and investment services.

Schulze and Associates, Inc. – 
Financial agency offering asset based loans and equity funding.

Settlement Funding of New York – 
Provides non-recourse funding for plaintiffs in lawsuits.

SMB Finance Ltd – 
Helps to arrange commercial and residential funding. London, United Kingdom.

Student Market – 
Provides information on federal stafford and federal plus student loans. – Citibank – 
Lender offers financial aid, grant and scholarship information.

The Norwood Group Inc. – 
Financing programs include credit lines, payday loans and secured accounts.

Today's Money – 
Resource center for information on venture capital and real estate investments. – 
Provides financing for athletic facilities across America.

US Medical Finance – 
Provides patient financing for elective medical procedures.

USA Financial A – 
Provides loans for active duty members of the United States military.

Washington Mutual Finance – 
Offers personal, auto, and home equity loans across the United States.

Wells Fargo Financial Retail Services – 
Offers installment loans and cash advance services.

World Credit Find – 
A worldwide referral network of lenders specializing in a wide range of financing programs.

WorldBusiness Capital, Inc. – 
Issues loans to U.S. companies doing business in global emerging markets. Includes country coverage and client news. – 
Provides loans for UK residents on a secured and unsecured basis.

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