Wholesale Packaging Supplies part 2


Menasha Corporation – http://www.menasha.com 
Specializes in products and services involving returnable plastics, packaging, paperboard, promotional material, high-performance engineered plastics and pharmaceutical printing and packaging.

Republic Packaging Corporation – http://www.corrugated.com 
Manufactures packaging products. Site also offers information on vibration testing of packaging materials.

Packaging Sales & Service – http://www.packagingsales.com 
Manufacturer of packaging films, food packaging containers, food packaging equipment, gas flush packaging and labeling systems.

Shorewood Packaging Corp. – http://www.shorepak.com/ 
Manufacturers of premium packaging, with multiple facilities in North America, Europe and Asia. Features special and creative products, careers, locations, and a gallery.

Ultra Flex Packaging – http://www.ultraflex.com/ 
Bags, pouches, transverse zippered rollstock, laminations, and coffee packaging.

Packaging Strategies – http://www.packstrat.com/ 
Offers products and services providing news and analysis of the packaging industry, through newsletters, conferences, studies, and market research.

Independent Designers Network – http://www.indes.net/ 
Packaging design and eco-friendly resources, with useful links and reference material for the packaging industry.

Press Kits – http://www.presskits.com/ 
Custom printing and packaging, pocket folders, media and press kits, video sleeves, CD and diskette packaging.

EnPack – http://www.enpack.com/ 
Commercial printer for specialty software packaging, CDs, and DVDs.

Cincinnati Precision Plate – http://www.preplate.com/ 
Specializes in pre-press for the packaging industry, providing plates and films for labels, bags, boxes, and cartons.

Virtual Packaging – http://www.virtualpackaging.com/ 
Specializes in the production of packaging mock-ups — from single copies to enough copies for test marking.

H&N Packaging – http://www.hnpack.com/ 
Manufacturer of value-added, innovative packaging materials for many industries worldwide. The company prints, lacquers, laminates, coats, embosses, and designs systems to solve packaging and decorating problems.

Graphic Packaging – http://www.graphpack.com/ 
Pocket folders, press kits, video and software packaging, POP displays, and corrugated products.

Teckwah – http://www.teckwah.com.sg/ 
One-stop centre for printing and packaging in Singapore.

O.N.E. Color Communications – http://www.onecolor.com/ 
83 years of color expertise in packaging prepress.

Bert-Co Graphics – http://www.bertco.com/ 
Manufactures folding cartons, point of purchase displays, and related packaging. Also offers heat-set web printing services. Based in Los Angeles.

H.S. Crocker – http://www.hscrocker.com/ 
Food and specialty printing; pharmaceutical cartons, labels, and inserts; cup programs; and shrink sleeves.

Clondalkin Group – http://www.clondalkin-group.com/ 
Manufactures flexible packaging, cartons, paper bags, and other packaging products in the U.S. and several European countries.

Firstpack Fraphics – http://www.firstpack.com.sg/ 
Manufacturer of paper bags, carrier bags, folding boxes.

Mapello – http://www.mapello.com/ 
Italian packaging company producing carton-boxes, POS units, packing for electronic components, and cardboard books for children. Site in Italian and English.

Keystone Printed Specialties – http://www.keystoneprint.com/ 
Specializing in packaging, printing, and desktop publishing.

New Jersey Packaging – http://www.newjerseypackaging.com/ 
Manufacturer of pharmaceutical printed packaging, including labels, inserts, folded cartons, and extended text labels.

Command Plastic Corporation – http://www.commandplastic.com/index.htm 
Vinyl packaging manufacturers, specializing in heat sealing, precision printing, stamping, and embossing.

Ekol Offset – http://www.ekolofset.com/ 
Major printing and packaging company in Turkey.

Rohrer Corporation – http://www.rohrer.com/ 
Specializes in blister and skin packaging.

Crown Packaging Corporation – http://www.crownpack.com/ 
Corrugated cardboard container plants, packaging services, and industrial paper products.

RoBar Enterprises – http://www.eurototes.com/ 
Produces customized specialty gift packaging for distributors and private label manufacturers.

Cleartec Packaging – http://www.cleartecpackaging.com 
Manufactures clear plastic tubes for mailing, packaging and retail.

Shepco Printing And Packaging – http://www.shepco.co.za/ 
Specialises in printed folded cartons and commercial printing. Based in South Africa.

Adif – http://www.binders.co.il/ 
Cardboard and plastic packaging, including cartons, binders, CD jackets, index dividers, and tab products. Site in English and Hebrew. 

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