Wholesale Packaging Supplies


FP International Packaging Products – http://www.fpintl.com/ 
Manufacturers of protective packaging products and materials. Air cushions, loosefill, polyethylene foam, polystyrene packaging, packing peanuts, and material handling equipment.

Geami Protective Packaging Systems – http://www.geami.com/ 
Provides automated, online production of packaging materials for parcel shipping. Cushioning, wrapping, block and brace, voidfill. Recyclable materials.

Storopack – http://www.storopackinc.com/ 
Manufacturer, converter and recycler of EPS (expanded polystyrene) with primary activities that include the conversion of EPS, natural starch, and paper cushioning materials.

Storopack Hans Reichenecker – http://www.storopack.com 
Manufacturers of packaging materials and technical molded components.

Conductive Containers, Inc. – http://www.corstat.com/ 
Designs and manufactures static protective packaging for a wide range of the electronics market including the automotive, medical, commercial and defense industries.

Danco Industries, Inc. – http://www.dancoindustries.com/ 
Manufacturers and distributors of poly bags, zip locks, shipping and packing materials, tubing, tape, and related products.

Badger Plug – http://www.badgerplug.net/ 
Manufacturers of roll suspension and protection products. Plugs from metal, plastic and wood. Spool and pad plugs, tube closures and additional disposable packaging materials. Also, materials recycling services.

Closures Bouchons MAC – http://www.mac.qc.ca/ 
Closures manufacturer. Develops, manufactures, design, and supplies plastic closures.

Knox Pak, Inc – http://www.knoxpak.com/ 
Bags, corrosion inhibitors, corrugated boxes, janatorial supplies, labels, polyethylene sheeting and tubing, ribbon, shrink and stretch film, tape and tape dispensers.

Canada Mayer Sealing Devices – http://www.canadamayer.com/ 
Manufacturer of security seals. Seals used by airlines, banks, armored car companies, utilities, railroads, road haul transports. Worldwide distribution.

Atlantic Poly – http://www.atlanticpoly.com 
Polyethylene products including poly bags, shrink wrap, bubble wrap and shrink film.

Incom Manufacturing Group – http://www.incom-group.com 
Commercial printing of labels, tapes and decals. Includes anti slip, no slip grit tape products and commercial metal stamping and fabrication.

Lamerholm Fleming – http://www.lamerholm.com 
Active indicator labels for shock, impact and tilt form

Napco Manufacturing – http://www.napcomfg.com/ 
Manufactures and distributes display hangers, hang tabs, reinforcers, J-hooks, saddle hangers, Perfoswift hangers and semi-automatic packaging machinery.

Northern Technologies International Corporation – http://www.ntic.com/ 
Develops, manufactures, and markets proprietary corrosion-inhibiting products under the brand name Zerust for the packaging and metal processing industries.

Yazoo Mills Inc. – http://www.yazoomills.com 
Manufacturer of custom made spirally wound paper tubes and cores, blade-cut label cores, converting cores and mailing tubes.

Fabrifoil, Inc. – http://www.fabrifoil.com/ 
Manufactures brand identification products such as printing foil, coated label tapes, printed labels, and woven labels.

TruSnap Reels, Inc. – http://www.trusnap.com/ 
Manufacturers of patented snap together plastic spools and reels for wire, cable, rope, cord, and chain.

Penn-Wheeling Closures – http://www.penn-wheeling.com/ 
Manufacturing a variety of metal caps and closures including dust covers, candle lids, and gel perforation metal caps.

Unipac. – http://www.unipac.ca 
Manufactures seals for the bottling industry for liquids, dry goods and pharmaceuticals.

Sierra Self Storage – http://www.sierrastorage.com/ 
Supplies to pack, move, ship, mail or store.

Sheboygan Paper Box Company – http://www.spbox.com/ 
Manufactures one and two piece folding gift and apparel boxes and folders.

Jinggong Packing Co., Ltd. – http://www.jinggongplastic.com/ 
Packaging for light industrial products; garments, food, chemical products, handicrafts, leather products, and medicines.

Reliable Cap and Closure, Inc. – http://www.reliablecap.com 
Manufacturer of plastic caps and closures.

More Tech Corp. – http://www.slip-stop.co.kr/ 
Anti slip products for pallet load unitizing and tile.

ECO AIR Packaging – http://www.ecoairpack.com/ 
Environmentally safe protective, inexpensive flotation suspension, patented air packaging system. ECO AIR Packaging is ecological, economical, folding corrugated suspension packaging, without foam or dunnage. 100% recyclable.

MES Co. – http://www.mes-co.com/ 
Manufactures and distributes of standard and custom bubble wrap, foam packaging materials and the new bubble corner protector.

SurePak Container & Display – http://www.surepakcontainers.com/ 
Offers corrugated boxes, flexographic printing, cushioning materials, and packaging related products.

Universal Plastic Bags Manufacturing – http://www.universalplastic.com/ 
Manufacturer of plastic bags, poly bags, merchandise bags, tubing, food and medical industry bags.

VIV Kwaliteit Verpakkingen – http://www.viv.nl/verpakkingen.html 
Dutch producer and supplier of packaging.

Safepack – http://www.safepack.com/ 
Packaging solutions and supplies.

Spirolfil – http://www.spirofil.com/ 
Flowable paper packaging peanut produced on-demand, for all void fill applications. Manufactured in Cuyahoga falls, Ohio

Carton Edge Ltd – http://www.cartonedge.com 
Manufacturers of cutting edges for cartons and packaging. UK.

Packaging Unlimited of NC, Inc – http://www.netpackaging.com 
Stretch wrap, bubble wrap, boxes, and peanuts.

Taipei Duct Industries Corp. – http://www.shantsen.com/ 
Manufacturer of packaging, building, construction and industrial materials.

Shrink Labels pvt. – http://www.shrink-labels.com 
Manufacturing unit of eco-friendly PVC Shrink labels, films and bus-bar sleeves, from Haryana, India.

Proxy Packaging – http://proxypackaging.com 
Product manufactured to replace wet ice and dry ice for shipping perishable products.

Coda Plastics Limited – http://www.coda-plastics.co.uk/ 
Manufacturers of injection and blow moulding of plastic packaging components.

Shree RubberPlast Co. – http://www.shreerubberplast.com 
Manufacturers and exporters of plastic packing material for the chemical, oil, pharmaceutical, pesticides, cosmetic, and diagnostic industries.

Kuwer Industries Ltd. – http://www.kuwer.com/ 
Manufacturing holographic films, metallised plastic films, and embossing plastic.

Packco, Inc. – http://www.packcoinc.com/ 
Poly bag sealers and packaging products including heat, bag, and impulse sealers. Also shrink film and sealers, PVC shrink bands, and tamper evident seals.

Trinity Packaging, Inc. – http://www.tripack.com/ 
Packaging materials and equipment used in plants and warehouses everyday.

Superior Packaging Company – http://www.voidfillers.com/ 
Dunnage materials and void fillers for the transportation industry.

Johnston Tapes and Packaging – http://www.johnston-tapesandpackaging.co.uk 
Tapes, bags, dispensers, twines, and other supplies offered.

FlexFilm, Ltd – http://www.flexfilm.co.uk/ 
UK. Polythene films for shrink and wrapping applications, form-fill packaging and laminations.

Imperial Bag and Paper, Inc. – http://www.imperialbag.com 
Supplying paper and plastic packaging supplies and products, janitorial supplies, and shipping room supplies.

Wholesale Packaging – http://www.wholesalepackaging.com 
Distributor and manufacturer of industrial packing and shipping materials.

Easypack – http://www.easypack-ltd.co.uk/ 
Paper based cushion packaging and air pillow packing systems for protection of goods in transit.

Ambassador Packaging – http://www.ambassador-packaging.co.uk 
Online distributor and converter of protective packaging products. UK.

Anders Bendt A/S – http://www.desiccant.com/ 
Manufactures dry bag desiccant for cargo shipping. Includes products for shippers and consumers, technical information, and profile.

King Label, Ltd – http://www.kinglabel.com.cn/ 
China. Paper and film based, adhesive labeling materials and tapes. Also, advertisement and decoration materials. English and Chinese.

Reddipak Ltd. – http://www.reddipak.com/ 
Plastic bags and packaging supplies are made to order.

Allied Packaging – http://www.alliedpackaging.com/ 
Packaging equipment, systems, and supplies.

3M Canada – http://international.3m.com/intl/CA/english/market/general/psd/index.html 
Manufactures products for a wide variety of industrial packaging applications.

Spektar – http://www.spektar.com 
Manufacturer of poliamide barrier casings for meat converting industry.

Celwa – http://www.celwa.com 
Manufacturer of custom protective package systems and customized components.

Bedford Products – http://www.bedfordproducts.com 
Manufacture and distribute vinyl plastic envelopes with brass grommets.

New Tree Group – http://www.newtreegroup.com/ 
Makes metal packaging: canisters, drums, metal boxes. A variety of metals can be slit, sheared, coated, or printed to customer specifications. Products, capabilities, contacts in mainland China and on Taiwan. Site in English and Chinese.

I.C.S. Dry-Ice Express B.V. – http://www.ics-droogijsexpress.nl 
Offers dry-ice shipments worldwide. Company profile, service details, and contact details.

ABC Plastic Manufacturing – http://www.eastjava.com/manufacturing/abcplastic 
Custom order for various plastic products (polybag, PVC shrink, HDPE, LDPE, bottles.)

Paper Thermometer Company – http://www.paperthermometer.com/ 
Developed and manufactures stick-on temperature indicators. Manufactures and markets direct to all industries a variety of adhesive temperature labels. 

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